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The Sunline Blog

What is your preferred spool size to buy line?

A recent survey of experienced anglers found that 70% of the anglers asked preferred to buy their line in 400yd or larger spools. Why do so many anglers like to buy lines in this matter? There are three main reasons why anglers choose bulk spools, that we will outline below. Save money. The best reason to buy your favorite lines in bulk spools is to save money. Less packaging and more line on a spool provide anglers with greater value when utilizing ...
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Pick the Right Line for Topwater

By John Crews One of the biggest mistakes I see anglers of all levels make, especially beginner anglers, is not choosing the right line for fishing topwater baits. I hear story after story about losing that big bass on a topwater bait. Even this year, I heard a story from another pro angler. He said he lost a big one on a spook. My first question was about the line he was using. Let’s just say it was not the line would have used. Line choice is pretty ...
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Fishing with Fluorocarbon. Why use Fluorocarbon?

Many anglers want to know the comparison between fluorocarbon and monofilament lines. Anglers in the US call nylon lines monofilament, for this article we will call them nylon as that is the material they are made from. A single monofilament line could be made from multiple materials that could each be a single mono filament, so it will be referenced as nylon in comparisons in this article. This article outlines the key features of fluorocarbon and ho...
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History of Fishing Line and Fluorocarbon Fishing Line

Angling dates backs thousands of years, with archeologists discovering ancient Egyptian art depicting fisherman using rod, line and hook that is dated from the year 2000 B.C. The time period from 1603 to 1868 saw the development of natural lines out of several different natural products. The first natural line was first made from sericterium (silk glands). The silk gland fibers were spun into line to create the first natural fishing lines. This natural...
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Sunline Offers Multiple Fluorocarbon Choices for Bass Anglers

Many anglers believe all fluorocarbons are the same and wonder why there are so many different versions. Fluorocarbon lines can have different characteristics, qualities and finishes that can make a dramatic difference on the final product. The reasons for using different fluorocarbons are similar to the reasons why an angler uses different rods for different techniques. Different fluorocarbon lines perform differently which allows you to maximize perf...
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