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The Sunline Blog

How to Properly Spool a Spinning Reel

One of the most overlooked concepts in fishing is spooling reels. Many anglers have problems with their line twisting and wonder what causes it. The way to prevent line twist starts with properly spooling your reels. Spinning reels are known for line twist because anglers assume that they can be spooled the same way as baitcasters. Check out these tips on how you can make the line have the best performance on your spinning reels and save money on fish...
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How Specific Gravity Affects Your Casting and Retrieves

Choosing the proper fishing line for a specific technique or species can be a daunting task. With several different line types to choose from, understanding whether you should use monofilament, fluorocarbon, or braided line can often times leave anglers scratching their heads. This article breaks down specific differences between nylon, fluorocarbon and braid. One determining factor in choosing the right line relates to what is known as "Specific Grav...
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Are your backlashes the reason your fluorocarbon is breaking?

The dreaded backlash in a baitcast spool can end the use of that reel very quickly. Whether it is an errant cast into the wind, or a skip cast that didn’t go as planned, a bad backlash can require a scissors to get you up and operational again. This video quickly shows you how to dial in a baitcast reel, to help you prevent this from happening. No matter how good you are, that errant cast still happens to even top-level tour pros. Protecting your line w...
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The best knot for fluorocarbon

You can buy the most expensive line available, but without tying the proper knot that critical connection to the fish can easily be broken, no matter how expensive the line is. With the advancement of new materials being used for fishing lines it has also created a need for anglers to use different knots for each of the different types of line. Sunline has 10% of their employees located in the R&D department and those staff members spend every day...
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Fluorocarbon, Braid, or Monofilament?

One of the most common questions asked by beginner and experienced anglers alike is how do I know what line to use for a specific technique? While you will find varying opinions on the subject, through trial and error some general consensuses have been reached to help point you in the right direction.   MonofilamentMonofilament was once the main line that anglers used for virtually every technique. While nylon or monofilament as it is more commonly kn...
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