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The Sunline Blog

The Best Line Choices for Glide Baits and Swimbaits

There is no doubt that glide baits and swimbaits draw big bites from giant bass. There are two primary types of swimbaits: paddle tail and multi-jointed. There is a difference between a glide bait and a multi-jointed swimbait however, and the main difference is the number of segments. A glide bait has two segments, and only two segments. This allows the bait to swim in a big sweeping motion which can look like a big baitfish trying to escape. While g...
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Importance of line diameter when cranking

Most anglers only use the pound(lb) test of a fishing line as their only consideration of which size line to buy for their chosen fishing technique. The pound(lb) test rating is how many pounds of pressure it takes to break the line. Most anglers think that the line will break if the fish weighs more than the line’s lb test rating. However, this could not be further from the truth. Sure, bigger fish do have a greater chance at breaking your line, but...
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Benefits of Using Braid with a Leader with Austin Felix

(Above Photo Courtesy of Bassmaster) Braided line is becoming more and more popular on both baitcasting and spinning reels. While an angler can tie his or her lure straight to the braid, another option would be to use a fluorocarbon or nylon leader. Sunline offers both FC Leader and Nylon Leader materials designed specifically for this. Another specific leader material called the Tepa Tapered FC Leader is a new one for 2023/2024. This line allows f...
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Best Bass Fishing Tournament Lure Paired with FC Sniper

A bladed jig might just currently be the best bass fishing tournament lure on the professional level. With all the tournaments combined in 2022 and 2023 on both the Bassmaster Elite Series and MLF Bass Pro Tour, a bladed jig has factored in about 15% of all the top 3 finishes. This might not seem like a large percentage, but it is when compared to all the different bass fishing lures on the market that could be used to finish at the top of the leade...
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6 Ways to Save Money on Fishing Line

We all know that fishing line can be a huge investment for an angler, especially when he or she has 10-20 or more rod and reel combos. Even with normal use and retying it is always annoying for an angler when line goes to waste simply because the reel spool gets low on line. This blog has six ways that an angler can save money on fishing line while still having the best performance possible. 1. Buy in bulk There is no doubt that buying in bulk sav...
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