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What is your preferred spool size to buy line?

by Yoshinori Mitani
What is your preferred spool size to buy line?

A recent survey of experienced anglers found that 70% of the anglers asked preferred to buy their line in 400yd or larger spools. Why do so many anglers like to buy lines in this matter? There are three main reasons why anglers choose bulk spools, that we will outline below.

  1. Save money. The best reason to buy your favorite lines in bulk spools is to save money. Less packaging and more line on a spool provide anglers with greater value when utilizing bulk spools. Anglers in general can, save 20% and more when purchasing in bulk.
  2. Bulk spools offer anglers more efficiency for spooling and line management. If you have a favorite line size or line product, it makes sense to have more of that line on hand for repeated use. If 12lb FC Sniper is a go to for you, buying in a 660yd or 1200yd bulk spool ensures you have plenty on hand. If you have to fill multiple reels you can quickly fill all of them and only have to work from one spool, rather than having to manage multiple spools. It is also easier to see how much line you have remaining on a bulk spool.
  3. A third reason to utilize bulk spools in your favorite lb tests is to reduce the amount of line you might waste. If you can fill three reels from a 200yd spool, you will often be left with 10-30 yards of line left on the reel, which is not enough to fill another reel. These remaining amounts do work great for leader material or pre-tied rigs like Carolina rigs. By using fewer spools to fill your reels you end up with less waste left on each individual spool.

Our 660yd spool of Sniper also features our exclusive Easy Spooler Case. This hard plastic case protects your line at all times, while allowing you to spool directly from the spool. It features a line tag holder to keep your spool from unraveling and a built in line cutter to allow you to quickly cut your line after spooling.

Sunline has over 15 fluorocarbon products to choose from. Our top selling fluorocarbon lines, Super, Assassin, FC Sniper and Shooter are all available in 660yd spools. Also, Super, Assassin and FC Sniper are also available in 1200yd spools in all lb tests.