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This Shooter is on Target

by Yoshinori Mitani
This Shooter is on Target

Sunline has a wide range of fluorocarbon products that are all different. Each fluorocarbon is made from different raw materials and they have different processing methods that produces different final products. One of our most popular fluorocarbon lines with our pro angler team is Shooter. Those anglers choose Shooter for the extreme strength and abrasion resistance it provides. Shooter is manufactured from our most premium raw material, that is very hard and transmits feeling extremely well. Shooter is made for when maximum abrasion resistance is needed on a mainline fluorocarbon. This product excels with lures fished on the bottom, like casting jigs or plastics, and with techniques such as flipping and pitching.

Sunline also manufactures their lines to different specifications depending on the lb test inside of the same product. An angler using 6lb test on a spinning reel will need different line performance than an angler using that same line in 20lb test. For that reason, some of our products like Shooter come in three different versions depending on the lb test. In the case of Shooter, there are three versions Finesse, Marionette and Power Special. Each one is manufactured to perform best at a given range of lb tests to maximize performance as an angler uses different sizes.

Let’s first take a look at Shooter Finesse Special. Finesse Special is made for lb test sizes 7lb, 8lb and 9lb. Anglers using these sizes are primarily using this line on spinning reels, so the characteristics are designed to perform best with spinning reels. The graph below shows the rating of Finesse Special based on the following characteristics: Straight Strength, Knot Strength, Durability, Stretch, Suppleness, Slickness, Abrasion Resistance and Sensitivity.

For the mid-range lb tests Shooter is offered in the Marionette Special. The lb tests in this range include 10lb, 12lb, 14lb, 16lb, 18lb and 20lb. These lb tests often involve techniques with jigs or plastics where a strong hookset and high abrasion resistance around heavy cover is needed. These lb tests are manufactured to insure there are no break offs and you can get the fish out of heavy cover. The hardness of the line also transmits the most subtle bites.

The final type of Shooter is called Power Special. It is tailored to the demands of flipping in the heaviest cover against the biggest fish. Fishing heavy cover demands extreme hooksets, for the lb tests of 22lb, 25lb an 30lb they have the perfect shock absorption to allow for powerful hooksets with short amounts of line out.

Our radar charts allow you to quickly compare the characteristics of each of the three types of Shooters. Planning how to use each of these lb tests will allow you to get maximum performance for this top tier product.