Sunline Shooter Stuter



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Stuter is an eight strand Super PE line that is a second generation of the popular Bass Super PE line. It is a power fishing braided line that was designed with the Japanese pro team like Ken Iyobe to have key variations between the lb tests to make it perfect for specific power techniques. It features SSP(Smooth Surface Process) which brings about prime smoothness to the line surface, reducing guide resistance and improving cast control. It is made in a camouflage blending color pattern to provide extra stealth. It comes in five sizes and is offered in a 71yd spool. It is a great choice for flipping, punching, vibrating jigs, swim jigs, spinnerbaits and topwaters.

Suggested sizes and uses:

55lb – buzzbaits and topwaters
60lb – buzzing toads, vibrating jigs and swim jigs
70lb – frog fishing
80lb – heavy Texas rigs around medium cover. Heavy frog fishing
85lb – punching and mat flipping

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