Shooter Flurocarbon Line

$35.99 - $154.99


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Shooter Flurocarbon Fishing Line


The highest quality materials and the most advanced technology have produced a line which gives the sensitivity, tenacity and ruggedness under extreme stress that top professionals demand. Available in three different categories by size; Finesse Special, Marionette Special and Power Special. Each category has unique properties to help the line provide maximum performance at that specific pound test. The specific characteristics of each category allow Shooter to perform with the most desirable qualities at each pound test as 20lb requires slightly different properties than 8lb test.


lb. 7 8 10 12 14 16 20 22 25
dia. (inch) 0.0086 0.0093 0.0102 0.0112 0.0122 0.0130 0.0146 0.0159 0.0171

2 reviews

I get Results!

Posted by Scott T on August 21, 2015

great product for finesse. I like to fish vertically and this line gets me results.

Strong Line

Posted by Derris Wiman on July 2, 2014

This is the strongest and most sensitive line that Sunline makes in my opinion. I use them all and this is my favorite.