Dostrike FC

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While he didn’t invent the vibrating jig, Brett Hite has certainly used the bait to great tournament success fueling a revolution in this bait category. Brett has always used Sunline fluorocarbon for throwing vibrating jigs and wanted to design the perfect line for the technique to compliment the rod and reel he uses for maximum performance. With his specifications, Sunline R&D created a premium fluorocarbon designed for easy and smooth casting, with the perfect amount of stretch to insure proper hook ups with vibrating jigs. He also wanted a camouflage line to be less visible in clear water situations. Dostrike FC features colored fluorocarbon in repeating green and smoke colored sections to reduce visibility for even the most line shy fish. The green and smoke sections repeat, 12” green followed by 10” of smoke for the entire length of the spool. Dostrike FC come in the following sizes 14lb, 16lb, 18lb and 20lb in 165yd spools.

  • 100% fluorocarbon
  • Perfectly designed for use with vibrating jigs with Brett Hite
  • Featuring the perfect balance of stretch and strength to insure maximum hooking ratio
  • Repeating color sections of 12” green and smoke every 10”

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