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Collection: Fishing Line, PE/Braided Fishing Line

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As the use of braided lines on spinning reels continues to grow in popularity Sunline continues to develop new braided lines for increased efficiency on spinning reels. A sinking braid helps reduce line drift and the bow in your line caused by wind and waves on a cast. This allows it to sink quickly after the cast and to sink more quickly in water to reduce the bow in an angler’s line. This faster sink rate also helps lures fall faster in deep water presentations.  Almight has a specific gravity that is 50% heavier than traditional braided lines.  By reducing line drift and bow in the line Almight provides an angler with better lure contact for enhanced bite detection.  Almight is currently the only sinking braided line in the US market. Almight has a specific gravity of 1.48 compared to water at 1.0 and traditional braided lines at 0.97. Almight is constructed with a four plus one fiber design that features four outside PE strands with a high specific gravity core in the center. Almight is available in pink for high visibility or olive for camo with orange metering for more stealthy presentations.


  • Sinking braided line that reduces line drift and line bow
  • Reduction of line drift provides greater contact with lures and the bottom
  • Improved hooking ratios with less line slack
  • Sunline exclusive sinking braided line
  • Specific gravity 50% higher than traditional braided lines for a faster fall rate
  • Available in pink or olive colors for high vis or camo
  • Available in 7lb, 11lb, 13lb, 16lb and 18lb sizes
  • 165yd spool
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