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Tepa Tapered FC Leader

Sku: 63044360

Availability: In stock

Collection: Fishing Line, Fluorocarbon Fishing Line

LB Test:

Tepa is a 100% fluorocarbon leader that combines two lb tests into one leader with a proprietary tapered design. These leaders are uniquely manufactured to taper from a larger lb test to a smaller lb test from one end of the leader to the other end. This benefit allows an angler to use an upsized lb test on either end for applications where a larger or smaller leader is needed. For example, the larger size can be tied to a lure when an angler wants to have greater strength and abrasion resistance at his knot and the first part of the leader. The line then tapers down to a smaller size for joining to the mainline braid. Alternately, the larger end could also be tied to the mainline knot connection to provide greater strength and abrasion resistance at the knot while the leader tapers down to a smaller size at the lure knot for fish that are wary of line size. The tapered structure of this leader allows an angler to strengthen either the knot area or mainline connection of a leader without having to upsize the whole leader.

  • 100% Fluorocarbon leader

  • Sunline proprietary taper manufacturing technology

  • Allows anglers to upsize either end of their leader connection

  • Increase your leader strength while still maintaining the lowest diameter possible

  • Can be used in either direction for multiple benefits

Available in 10ft length.

Tapered sizes available include:

12lb to 8lb
16lb to 10lb
36lb to 16lb
36lb to 22lb
42lb to 30lb
48lb to 20lb
54lb to 26lb
60lb to 42lb

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