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Sunline Offers Multiple Fluorocarbon Choices for Bass Anglers

by Yoshinori Mitani
Sunline Offers Multiple Fluorocarbon Choices for Bass Anglers

Many anglers believe all fluorocarbons are the same and wonder why there are so many different versions. Fluorocarbon lines can have different characteristics, qualities and finishes that can make a dramatic difference on the final product. The reasons for using different fluorocarbons are similar to the reasons why an angler uses different rods for different techniques. Different fluorocarbon lines perform differently which allows you to maximize performance with a given technique. Let’s take a look at some of these unique products and the best applications for them.

Crank FC

Crank FC was designed for use with jerkbaits and is a 100% fluorocarbon featuring a small amount of increased stretch to work with anglers using treble hook baits. Crank FC features Plasma Rise technology for longer casts and better handling. It excels for techniques that involve a high number of casts and when you are seeking to make the longest casts possible. The Plasma Rise processing provides improved handling allowing you to make thousands of casts with no tangles and keeping your spool smooth all day. The Plasma Rise processing also improves casting distance by creating a slicker line surface that creates less friction allowing the line to travel farther. The Plasma Rise processing also repels water allowing for longer casts.

Power 2C

Known as the ultimate power fishing angler, Jason Christie demands incredible strength and abrasion resistance in a fishing line to meet the challenges of heavy cover, short casts and explosive hook sets. Power2C was designed to Jason's specifications to meet the demands of shallow water, heavy cover angling. As a premium fluorocarbon, it features extreme abrasion resistance against wood, boat dock cables and rocks. It also features the perfect shock absorption to overcome wicked hooksets on big fish with heavy action rods at short distance to insure no breakoffs, which plagues many fluorocarbon lines. Finally, Power2C features repeating high visibility markings on the line to provide greater visibility for line watching, to be able to see the lightest bites. The high visibility marking is 12” long followed by 48” of clear, allowing you to tie on in the clear section like a leader while still having the benefits of high visibility during the retrieve. Fluorocarbon can also be very hard to see in dirty or stained water conditions, so the high visibility markings act like a tracer allowing you to easily see the line no matter the water color.

Dostrike FC

While he didn’t invent the vibrating jig, Brett Hite has certainly used the bait to great tournament success fueling a revolution in this bait category. Brett has always used Sunline fluorocarbon for throwing vibrating jigs and wanted to design the perfect line for the technique to compliment the rod and reel he uses for maximum performance. With his specifications, Sunline R&D created a premium fluorocarbon designed for easy and smooth casting, with the perfect amount of stretch to insure proper hook ups with vibrating jigs. He also wanted a camouflage line to insure less visible in clear water situations. Dostrike features colored fluorocarbon in repeating green and smoke colored sections to reduce visibility for even the most line shy fish. The green and smoke sections repeat, 12” green followed by 10” of smoke for the entire length of the spool.

Night FC

For years, only nylon lines were available in high visibility colors that were visible under black lights. Night FC was designed for angling at night. It is highly visible under black light, so an angler is always able to see his lines. Night FC is 100% fluorocarbon providing all the benefits of fluorocarbon lines like high abrasion resistance, lower stretch and greater sensitivity while featuring a high visibility blue coloring. The blue coloring glows under black light for easy visibility during night or day.

Flipping FC

A 100% fluorocarbon designed specifically for flipping. It features a color marking pattern for higher visibility for improved bite detection. The repetitive pattern of 12 inches of yellow after every 30 inches of clear line lets you follow the line movement clearly, even in the muddiest water. Hassle-free, slick line manufactured for efficient, well-placed pitching and reeling. The high abrasion resistance is a great advantage that gives you security even in the heaviest cover. It is manufactured with a high-level balance of strength to shock resistance to avoid break offs.

We also manufacture our lines to different specifications depending on the lb test inside of the same product. An angler using 6lb test on a spinning reel will need different line performance than an angler using that same line in 20lb test. For that reason, some of our products like Shooter come in three different versions depending on the lb test. In the case of Shooter, there are three versions Finesse, Marionette and Power Special. Each one is manufactured to perform best at a given range of lb tests to maximize performance as an angler uses different sizes.

Not all fluorocarbons are created the same, so experiment with different options to give you maximum performance, no matter the technique.