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6 Ways to Save Money on Fishing Line

by Yoshinori Mitani
6 Ways to Save Money on Fishing Line

We all know that fishing line can be a huge investment for an angler, especially when he or she has 10-20 or more rod and reel combos. Even with normal use and retying it is always annoying for an angler when line goes to waste simply because the reel spool gets low on line. This blog has six ways that an angler can save money on fishing line while still having the best performance possible.

1. Buy in bulk

There is no doubt that buying in bulk saves money in the long run for an angler. Even if it takes a year or more to go through that bulk spool, it is less expensive than buying several filler spools. Sunline offers bulk spools anywhere from 600 to 3300 yards depending on which type of line you get. The 660 yard spool of Super FC Sniper is one of Sunline’s most popular sellers for that reason. It allows an angler to fill a large number of reels with very little waste. Also keep in mind that spooling a spinning reel with a bulk spool will be different than spooling with a filler spool. For more information on that, check out our blog on that very topic. For tips on how to properly spool a baitcaster reel, check out our blog here.

2. Use braided line with nylon or FC leader

It is proven that braided line lasts much longer than nylon or fluorocarbon line. The braid may lose color after being on a reel for a while, but the strength of it still stays the same for much longer. Because of this, an angler can save money by pairing an FC or nylon leader to their braid on both spinning and baitcaster reels. Sunline makes both an FC leader material and nylon leader material designed specially for this, but any line can be used. There are a variety of different leader connecter knots that can be tied, but some of the popular ones include the Albright knot, FG knot, and Double Uni knot. Check out more knot options here.

3. Spend money where you need it

There are many different types of line that Sunline has to offer, especially when it comes to fluorocarbon. Some fluorocarbons are more abrasion resistant than others, some have more stretch than others, and some are more sensitive than others. All of them though, have certain advantages more than others. The main point is that you don’t need the most expensive lines for each technique. Use more expensive lines like FC Sniper and Shooter fluorocarbon on techniques that require the highest sensitivity and abrasion resistance like flipping and swimming jigs around cover. Use more budget friendly lines like Super fluorocarbon and Assassin fluorocarbon for techniques like casting moving baits such as paddle tail swimbaits, bladed jigs, and crankbaits in open water. For new fluorocarbon users, check out our new budget-friendly Model FC.

4. Flip your braid

As mentioned, braid lasts a lot longer than fluorocarbon and nylon, and it can be spooled from one reel to another after heavy use. Doing this puts the braid that was at the bottom of the spool at the top now. When the braid is faded in color, it could be time to flip it to the other end where the braid still looks new in color.

5. Use backing line

Make sure to always use a backing line behind your braid so that it won’t slip on the spool. Depending on what size braid you use, braid tends to take up more capacity on a spool than nylon or fluorocarbon lines do. Because of this, when using braid, we recommend spooling your reel with less backing line than spooling your reel for nylon or fluorocarbon. Also, when using less than a 100-size reel, it might be unnecessary to spool with backing line depending on what size line you are using because you don’t want to cast all of your line out to your backing line. Not only is a backing line good for braid, but it is also good for all types of line and helps save money on it, especially on 200-300 size reels that hold a lot of line. Sunline makes a line specifically for this called Sokomaki available in a 1000-yard bulk spool that allows an angler to use on several reels if he or she chooses. As an example, if a reel holds 150 yards of 12-pound test, an angler can add 50 yards of backing on there allowing him or her to fill up 2 reels with a 200-yard spool of 12 pound line. An angler can also save more money by only removing 50 to 80 yards of their primary line from their reel when re-spooling, and then only replacing that amount each time.

Sokomaki Backing Line

Sokomaki is made with a uniform and consistent 0.013 inch diameter, which is the equivalent of 16 lb test. The consistent diameter allows it to lay on the reel in a uniform manner, allowing the line to be even on the spool for proper filling which enhances the casting distance and performance of your reel. Think of the line being a consistent diameter like stacking firewood. If all the pieces of wood are the same size it is easy to stack the pile quickly and efficiently, resulting in the pile coming out even on top. Similarly with a uniform line diameter the line lays evenly across the spool providing a solid and consistent foundation of backing for your reels. Sokomaki is a very cost-effective way to fill new reels with backing for only approximately $0.01/yard. Because the backing line is way down in the spool, it does not need to be super fancy and have the perks that our other lines have; therefore, we wanted to make it cheap and easy to make so anglers could save money instead of using their expensive fluorocarbon as backing line. Utilizing backing line when re-spooling your baitcasting reels not only saves you money, but also increases the performance of your reels resulting in longer, smoother, and more accurate casts. To learn more about the new Sokomaki Backing Line visit

6. Use a line treatment product

Line treatments and conditioners are inexpensive and can extend the life and performance of lines. Sunline has a new product coming in 2024 called Line Booster that does exactly this. It is a spray coating that can be applied to the surface of the line. Simply spray it on the spool of your reel and you’re good to go! Line treatment products can extend the life of your fishing line, helping you save money.