Machinegun Cast – 165 YARD SPOOL

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Now the third generation of Machinegun Cast is available featuring patented P-ion technology. Machinegun Cast is a nylon line designed by Japanese pro staff to be very tough and work for any technique. P-ion processing makes this latest version smoother for longer casting. It also protects the surface of the line to prevent damage from repeated casting, rod guides, rocks or wood. The different diameters of the line also have different designs with a focus on lower stretch in the small diameter lines. Available in 10lb-20lb in a 165 yd spool with a half way marker at the and 22lb-25 in 110 yd spool. Each spool features a half way marker and parallel spooling to maximize the performance of the line when it is spooled to a reel.

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Just does what it's supposed to do

Posted by on August 15, 2019

Took this line out today to my local small lake to fish from the shore. The water is in a medium stain attitude right now with about 3-4 foot visibility.
This line disappeared at about 12 to 18 inches, which is just what I wanted. I only had one small bird’s nest, but it was totally my fault. I had done a line/knot strength test, and, using an improved San Diego Jam, had it break at 17#. The line is rated for 18#, so I’m happy with those numbers. It cast very smoothly, with no memory to speak of. The main thing is that I was fishing without thinking at all about the line. It’s becoming very high praise to say a product, “Just does what it’s supposed to do”. I am a happy customer