Defier D-Braid



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High Weight Bass Fishing PE Line

D-Braid was designed in conjunction with Morizo Shimizu specifically for use on spinning reels. With the increasing use of braided line on spinning reels Morizo wanted to develop a new line for maximum efficiency in bass fishing techniques that use spinning rods. It was designed with a core-sheath structure to provide stiffness to help prevent tangles and wind knots, while maintaining a suppleness for easy casting. It is made from PE fibers that have a higher specific gravity than traditional PE lines. The specific gravity of D-Braid is 1.1-1.24 making it sink in water and helping you keep better contact with light lures. When bass fishing with spinning tackle there is often a lot of times when your line is not tight with techniques like dropshot, shaky heads and other finesse techniques. With the higher specific gravity of D-Braid it keeps your line down more in the water taking out the slack in your line and giving you better feel of what your lure is doing. It also features low stretch for high hooking ratio during the hook set. The fibers will also not absorb water, preventing the line from picking up water. D-Braid features improved surface texture also to prevent fuzz and fraying from knot tying. D-Braid does not have any surface coatings that can wear off. D-Braid is offered in a high visibility pink color and is available in 7lb, 9lb, 11lb, 13lb, 15lb and 19lb tests. It is a 131yd spool.


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